Veil Options

Make your veil all yours

Where to start

Choose your colour

While there are many different colours of tulle available, I carry 3 colours on hand. Other colours including, blush, blues, pinks, blacks, etc available upon request.

Note: My Ivory is often refereed to as "Antique Ivory," or "Light Gold," in the bridal boutique. 

Sample swatch available at special request of $5.00cdn per swatch. 

Choose your length

Lengths based on a 5ft 5inch tall model. Please take this into consideration when ordering length. For example, a veil that is waist length on someone who is 5"5' may be closer to a hip length on someone who is 5ft.

Please note, measurements are approximate and customomizable. 


Choose your fullness

Fullness refers to how sheer or "puffy" your veil will be. A standard width veil measures about 54 inches across when laid out flat, standard, about 72 inches and a full veil is double the sheer at about 108 inches wide. 

A sheer veil is beautiful if you have lots of detail on the back of your dress. 

*additional but reasonable charge apply to standard and full width option*

Choose your material

My bridal tulle is a soft material that is available in any colour of the rainbow. This material is not scratchy and gives the perfect flowy look.

English net is a very soft material that offers a similar look to silk tulle without the painful price point. Available by special request only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for this material to arrive straight from England!


*additional but reasonable charge applies to full option*

Choose your embellishments

So you want to add a little flair to your veil. This is where it gets fun. While there are multiple options and customization available the most popular are adding rhinestones, lace and basic satin trim. 

Your options here are endless so please, message me with your ideas and we'll make it happen. Click below to be taken to see more options.