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Meet Martina McDonald, owner and designer at Budget Bridal Veils & Accessories in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.


"I have always been a business minded and crafty person. In 2012, I made my own wedding veil when I just couldn't justify the very expensive boutique veil that I fell in love with. Now, I have made my idea into a full time business which has been the most gratifying choice I have made.

I created Budget Bridal Veils & Accessories in order to offer beautiful veils that are completely customizable and wallet friendly. I offer a wide range of veils to compliment everything from beautiful and basic to large and lavish bridal options."  


Maybe you know what your perfect veil looks like or maybe you're starting from scratch. Wherever you're sitting in your Veils & Accessories search, I can help you. So, lets talk!"


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Woodstock, ON

Cell: 519-533-7149


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